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In some cases, students are quite aware of where they want to apply and the related process. What they are unsure of is whether their essay is worthy to finalize and upload. Collegepond recognizes that application essays can make or break the prospective student’s chances and accordingly has devised a solution to tackle this concern. Known as ESSAY LENS, this service focuses on reviewing the applicant’s essay and providing valuable feedback to improve the same.

Should the applicant require more assistance, Collegepond counsellors can provide a more detailed service wherein we assist the student in storyboarding the essay topic at the outset and then work closely to draft the essay. Once completed, the essay would follow a rigid quality control check to ensure that it is Application ready.

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Pricing starting from
  • For those who want a professional review/independent opinion of the essays before uploading to the common app/college’s portal
  • A counsellor will read the essay for content and grammar and recommend changes to the same.
  • 48-hour turnaround, 24-hour rush option
Pricing starting from
  • For those you need assistance in brainstorming and drafting the essay
  • A counsellor will work with the student from the ideation stage to completion through a number of drafts

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