HeadStart Program


HeadStart Program

The HeadStart program is designed for students entering high school (i.e., in 9th to 10th grades). The focus of the program is to create a comprehensive and executable plan to help the students develop/and or acquire skills and experiences that will enable them to excel at university. These experiences will also play an important role in the application process to the university.

The plan will be personalized to each student based on the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. The primary objective of the plan will be to help the student break out of the cocoon of his comfortable surroundings and become independent in thought and in action.

The HeadStart program will consists of the following modules and will address these types of questions:

  • Goals and Ambitions – What are these? How do I determine my goals and aspirations? Should I follow the footsteps of my parents?
  • Curriculum Selection – Should I pursue US System, HSC, ISE, CBSE, IB, A – Levels. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each given my goals and aspirations? What should I opt for A Levels or IB? Should I take the APs and if so when and what?
  • Test Preparation — Should I take the SAT or ACT? How and when should I plan? What SAT IIs should I take and when? Is TOEFL necessary?
  • Profile Building – What can I do to differentiate myself from the application pool? Should I engage in community activities? Is summer school a viable option? How important is the student council? What internships should I undertake during the summer?
  • Academic Support – Should I take tuition for a specific subject? Who should I get help from? Should I take courses from Coursera?


An action plan will be developed for each of the above-mentioned module with mutually decided timelines. A quarterly personal meeting will be organized between the student and ourselves to determine the student’s progress and/or amend the path, if necessary.

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