The Admissions Program & Beyond


The Admissions Program & Beyond

The Admissions Program & Beyond is designed to help students become independent immediately upon completion of their undergraduate education. Merely attending an Ivy League is not sufficient to become independent. Our systematic approach to the Admissions Process has ensured that the students are well equipped to gain a strong foothold in today’s competitive environment.


Our program starts with an interview of the candidate and his parents individually. Here, the focus is to determine the motivations for the students and their parents. Through this endeavor, we are seeking to identify the student’s ‘dominant’ characteristics, interests and aptitude. Based on our analysis, we present the student and the parents with probable career choices, which we work with the student to investigate.


As the career options are narrowed, we work with the students to determine which countries, universities and specializations will enable the student to achieve his career goals. Our goal has and will always be to work in the interest of the student and get him into his dream university. To achieve the same, we follow a multi-prong strategy:

  • University Selection – We work with students and parents to identify an appropriate selection of universities and an effective application strategy, which includes Early Decision, Early Action and Regular Decision. We will also discuss options like the 3/2 program, transfer, schools offering scholarships, etc.
  • Storyboarding of Essays – We start the essay process with a brainstorming exercise. Next, based on the merit of each idea, we will work with the student on creating a preliminary sketch of the essay, thereby easing the pressure of the writer’s block phenomena
  • Review — Our goal is to ensure that the essays are positioned to market the student’s strengths and accomplishments effectively. Hence, we continue to work with the student to help him polish the essay so it reads well. Once completed, the essays follow a rigid quality control check to ensure that it is Application ready.
  • Letters of Recommendations – We work with the student to brainstorm and identify those qualities or characteristics that we would like recommenders to portray.
  • Common App/Coalition/Application Forms – We assist the student in application form filling as well as the financial document required thereto.
  • Interviews – More and more universities are demanding interviews as part of the admission process. Almost all interviews require the student to improvise and answer questions. We help the students prepare for the interview by undergoing a series of mock interviews with a goal to develop the student’s self-confidence and script.
  • Financial Aid – For many, this is an important aspect of the application process. We work with the family and student to identify sources of financial aid and planning the cash flow for the next three to four years during the undergraduate years.


Our guidance does not end with the family once the student gets into university. It continues for the next four years. Here, we work as mentors to students and navigate them through the course selection maze, study abroad programs, and most importantly internships and full-time jobs. We work students on enhancing their cover letters, resumes and guiding them through the job marketplace.

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